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  • Account

    This page contains your personal information and default settings.

    Account - This shows you the current account level (Trial, Free, Business, or Pay As You Go) and the expiration date.

    Email Address - The ID used to log into the web service.

    Password - It is suggested that you change your password on a regular basis.

    Facebook ID - This is the web address to your site. This ID is used to display your photo image withing the site only.

    Time Zone - Any email that is queued will be sent based upon the Time Zone for the Account.

    'Email' Section
    If you would like to send email for your account using your own Microsoft Exchange Email Account, just enter the required information and save it. Any time a form is filled out or you send email to your distribution list contacts, the system will use your account.

    'Default Banner and Colors' Section
    If you would like to use the same banner on each form you create, you can upload the file here. Likewise, you can set a default set of colors to use on your forms. This helps you so you don't have to upload the banner and set the colors each time you create a new form.

    If you need to add users to your account, click this option and add them. You will need their email address, name, and the permission level.

  • Read Only - Download responses and run reports.
  • Email - Allows user to send email using contact list, download responses, and run reports.
  • Administrator - Full use of the site, not restrictions.

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