Features and Pricing


            Feature Personal Professional

The Free account will have a limited feature list. To have access to all features, you will need to upgrade your account. The TRIAL period is for 30 days and will have access to all features during this time.

FREE $9.95/month
    Max # of surveys

If you have the FREE account, you will be limited to a maximum number of forms that you can create and maintain. Once the limit has been reached, you will need to delete a form before another one can be created.

20 unlimited
    Max # responses per month

If you have the FREE account, you will be limited to a maximum number of responses that can be downloaded in a given month.

200 Unlimited
    Maximum # of questions
unlimited unlimited
    Number of users per account

Users can be added to your account with various permissions (ie. Administrator, Read Only, etc.)

1 Unlimited
    Select any/all survey fields to download

Select any one or all available questions when downloading survey response data.

Yes Yes
    Contacts added to distribution list

At the bottom of each 'Contact' type form, the responder will be asked if they want to be added to your email distribution list. If they select Yes, they will be added.

Yes Yes
    Questions can be required
Questions you add to a form can be flagged for required input. The form cannot be submitted until all required input has an answer.
Yes Yes
    Questions can be hidden

Some questions may be hidden from appearing on the survey.

Yes Yes
    Questions can be deleted
Questions can be deleted unless otherwise prevented. Templates may have fields that cannot be deleted.
Yes Yes
    Download responses

All responses are downloaded in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

Yes Yes
    Send email on survey submission

An email message will be sent to the survey responder if the form contains a system generated email address question.

Yes Yes
    Display custom message on form page

A unique custom message can be placed at the top of each form you create.

Yes Yes
    Custom message on Thank You page.

When someone submits your form, a unique, custom message can be displayed.

Yes Yes
    QR code on summary page

When a form is submitted, an email will be sent to the responder. This email will contain a link to a web page that will display the inforamtion submitted on the survey. The summary page can display a custom message along with a QR code responders name or response ID (depending on the type of form).

Yes Yes
    Realtime reporting and metrics

Form information is available at any time. Download data that is as current as the last submission. If you are using the FREE account, the number of records will be limited.

Yes Yes
    QR Code Page
The purpose of this page is to project it to a large group of people. It can be displayed on an overhead projector, included into a Powerpoint slide deck, etc. The QR Code itself contains a link to the survey that can be scanned by smart phones and tablets.
Yes Yes
    Modify and resubmit survey
Mistakes happen. Once a form is submitted, it can easily be updated and resubmitted. The responder will receive an email with a link to the Thank You web page. The Thank You web page contains the link to re-submit the form. Forms that are resubmitted, will update the same record and does not create a new one.
Yes Yes
    Email support

Questions, comments, problems, and suggestions can be emailed to support@offsiitelabs.com.

Yes Yes
    Secure survey using SSL/HTTPS

SSL (HTTPS://) security is available on all forms.

Yes Yes
    Void a submitted survey

If someone submits a form and they decide that they want cancel the entry, they can easily do it. Upon submission, the responder will receive an email with a link that will allow them to re-launch the survey which will contain a question to void their responses. the voided record still appears in the response downloaded data.

Yes Yes
    Export contact list

For backup, audit, or other reasons, you can download the contacts that are associated with your account. The download is in CSV format.

Yes Yes
    Remove Question Numbers

A standard survey will display the question numbers. An option is available, in 'Additional Settings' on the Form Editor, that will prevent the question numbers from appearing.

Yes Yes
    Add email to distribution list(s)

To help manage your contacts, you can add people to distribution lists. Distribution lists can be associated with each form. This allows your distribution lists to grow each time someone submits a form. By default, if no distribution list is specified, contacts will be added to the 'General' list. The FREE account will only use the 'General' list.

Yes Yes
    Redirect browser after submit

If you would like to send people to a custom web site, you can do this instead of displaying the Thank You page on WhatsYourAnswer.com.

Yes Yes
    Real time reporting

Data is current up to the time the reports are generated.

Yes Yes
    Email Validation
Each email will be checked to ensure that is contains a "@".
Yes Yes
    Off-Line Mode
You can take a form off-line at any time. This makes the form unavailable for viewing.
Yes Yes
    Visitors can void their submission

For example, if someone has registered for your event, they can resubmit their data and cancel their entry.

Yes Yes
    Visitors can update their submission
Visitors can update their previously submitted information.
Yes Yes
    Create forms from custom templates

After creating a form, you can save it as a template for future use.

No Yes
    Advertisements on survey
Only the FREE accounts will display advertisements on the surveys.
Yes No
    Custom logo and background color

Custom logo images and custom color can be used in the heading of each form.

No Yes
    Embed survey on own web site

If you want to add your survey to your own web site, you can do so without the WhatsYourAnswer.com’s header and footer.

No Yes
    Application templates
When your custom applications need to use WhatsYourAnswer.com data, a template can be setup for its use.
No Yes
    Attendance Tracker Integration

There is currently a template available for use with Attendance Tracker for Events. This template is an example of how applications can be setup to create forms that are specific for an application. It contains required fields that will be imported directly into the Attendance Tracker application.

No Yes
    Embed surveys using IFRAME
If you need to place your form on another webe site or social page, you can add your form without the header information.
No Yes
    Upload custom logo
You can upload your own banner or logo image for your forms. The suggested size is less than 100 x 800 and a file size of 100KB or less.
No Yes
    Various Question Types
  • CheckBox
  • - Allows for multiple selections
  • Dropdown List
  • - Allows for multiple selections.
  • Item with Capacity
  • - For adding events that have a attendance limits.
  • Muliple Choice
  • - Allows for multiple selections using radio buttons.
  • Text Box
  • - For Single line of text input.
  • Comments
  • - Mulitiple line, free text input.
    Yes Yes
        Custom side border color on forms

    The color on the left and right sides of forms are customizable. Valid colors are by name (i.e. blue, black, etc.) or HEX values (i.e. (#FFFFFF, #C0C0C0, etc.)

    Yes Yes
        Custom 'Reply-to' per Survey

    A custom email address can be used for people to reply to when they receive email from WhatsYourAnswer.com.

    Admin Email Any Email
        Enable/Disable forms on schedule and count

    You can set a start date when you want your forms to be active. Likewise, if you want a form to be inactive after a certain day, you can set that too. You also the option to disable a form after a specified number of submissions.

    Yes Yes
        Email sent using Time Zone

    Email can be sent based upon the Time Zone for the Account.

    Yes Yes
        Prevent guests from downloading PII Data

    If you have a form with 'Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you may not want guests to be able to download this information. If you don't, there is an option to prevent first name, last name, and email address fields on the form from being downloaded by someone you send the email to with the download link.

    Yes Yes


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